What we offer

Dyna Drug Corporation is one of the leading wholesale distribution companies in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods industry. Major multinational and local manufacturers trust Dyna Drug Corporation as a dependable partner channel to reach thousands of independent retailers nationwide.

For the past 30 years, we have been making a difference in the lives of thousands of small and medium size drugstores. A visit to Dyna Drug Corporation’s headquarters is a journey of discovery of our impressive facilities designed and in place to better serve our customers.


Dyna Drug Corporation engages in the wholesale of pharmaceutical, consumer, and allied products. We search for and procure the highest quality, FDA-approved and registered products from various principals and make them available to the market.

We analyze the needs of our consumers and provide them more options through the assortment of goods we’ve inspected and obtained. Our services also encompass the quality assurance inspection and evaluation of all principal products for wholesale distribution.


Dyna Drug Corporation primarily functions as a distributor of pharmaceutical and consumer products of various principals. We utilize countrywide network and infrastructures to obtain, store, and distribute the goods across the country.

Dyna Drug is set apart as a distributor not only for providing for the most renowned drugstores in the Philippines, but also for making quality products accessible to thousands of independent drugstores, hospital, and modern trade, hotels, restaurants, and catering service providers across the Philippines.


Dyna Drug Corporation is proud to represent foreign companies in the Philippine pharmaceutical, consumer and food market. We aim to provide access to quality medical and food products through building business relations with international and reputable principals.