Taal Volcano Eruption: Safety Tips and Preparedness

The eruption of Taal Volcano has caused ash fall to spread to nearby regions including CALABARZON, NCR, and Region 3. This phenomenon could be hazardous to your health and safety. Contact to volcanic ash could result to throat irritation, eye irritation, skin problems, and others which could lead to serious condition.

We highly encourage everyone take precaution at all times. Please see list of expert’s advice for your safety:

  1. Stay indoors unless necessary.
  2. Keep doors and windows closed. If there are small openings or cracks, cover it with damp cloth.
  3. Be prepared for evacuation. Learn the evacuation procedures of the building and / or your municipality.
  4. Pack an emergency bag that contains important documents, water, mask, light clothes, first aid kit, food, prescription medicine, and other necessity.
  5. Use dust masks that could prevent the inhalation of volcanic ash particles.
  6. Use glasses or goggles to prevent eye irritation.
  7. Cover water and food to avoid contamination of volcanic ash.
  8. Keep in mind your local emergency hotlines.
  9. Listen to local news and standby for local advisories.

Please follow these safety tips on the following days as the alert level on Taal Volcano was raised to 4. Stay vigilant and we wish for everyone's safety.